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N712DC - 2002 Giles G-202


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Auction starting 6/24/2022 at 1:00PM EST

Auction Ending 7/5/2022 at 1:00PM EST 


Located in Houma, LA



>One of the fastest roll rates of any aircraft. High performance aerobatic plane. Clean aircraft in superb condition.      



Gile 202  -  250 hours since new



Lycoming AEIO 360 SER  -  250 hours since new

Tuned by Lycon

Engine produces 200 HP



Hartzell FB-58  -  250 hours since new



Vision Microsystems Engine Monitor


Garmin SL 40 Comm


Additional Features:

Inverted fuel and oil

Long range 45 gal fuel tanks

2 person full controls


Exterior:  Dark Blue/White 2 tone with baby blue stripes

Interior: Grey Aerobatic Seats with 4-point harness


  • Contact Phone Number 1-833-824-7243 ext 705
  • Contact Email Address gramsay@aircraftbidder.com
  • Registration Number N712DC
  • Make Giles
  • Model G-202
  • Required Wire Deposit 2,500
  • Optional Appended Bid Application Instructions 6% Buyers Premium

  • Item # 354231
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