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N222XS - 1993 Yakovlev 52

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* $2,000.00 wired deposit will be required before registration will be finalized.


Auction Starts 9/12/2023 at 1:00PM EDT

Auction Ends 9/19/2023 at 1:00PM EDT


Eau Claire, WI



Experience the thrill of flying like never before with the 1993 Yakovlev 52! This vintage masterpiece is a testament to the golden eraof aviation, designed to deliver unmatched performance and precision. Its sleek design, powered by a reliable engine, ensures smooth and agile maneuvers, making it ideal for aerobatics and acrobatic displays. Whether you're a seasoned pilot or an aviationenthusiast, owning the 1993 Yakovlev 52 is a dream come true. Don't miss this rare opportunity to own a piece of history and soar to new heights of adventure!



 565 Total Time

Condition Inspection Preformed February 2023

Useful Load: 567

+7/-5 G Limit



 OBKM Vorouezh M14P


565 SNEW

EZ Engine Heater

Oil Quick Drain Kit



MT MTV-9-K-C 3-Blade Prop

320 SNEW


Removed From Another Airplane January 2023

InstalledFebruary 2023



Garmin G5

Trig TT22Transponder ADSB-OUT

Trig TY91 VHF Radio w/ STBY Frequency Monitoring


Additional Features:

Yak Specific Tool Kit

VFR Night Lights

Water Bottle Holder

Pony Bottle Air Tank(Backup Air)

Full Sized Scuba Air Tank

Removable Storage Compartment

Smoking Airplanes Smoke System

Dual USB Plugs

RAM Mounts

External Camera Mount

Custom Bruce’s Canopy Cover

2 Softie Parachutes(Sheep Skin)

Hooker Harness

Main Tires Replaced February 2023

Whelen Orion 600 Wingtip NAV and Strobe LED lights 

Lo Presti Boom Beam Landing Light


Exterior: Blackwith Red and Yellow Accents,Tinted Canopy

Interior: Green Fabric Seats 

  • Contact Phone Number 1-833-824-7243 ext 701
  • Contact Email Address gramsay@aircraftbidder.com
  • Registration Number N222XS
  • Make Yakovlev
  • Model 52
  • Required Wire Deposit 2,000
  • Optional Appended Bid Application Instructions 6% Buyer's Premium

  • Item # 490847
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