Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Who is Aircraft Bidder?  Aircraft Bidder is a Lone Mountain Company – a world leader in the purchase and sale of pre-owned aircraft. We are an auction firm licensed in over 30 states (and growing), managed by a licensed auctioneer.
  2. How do I participate in the bidding?  Once you have registered on you will be able to apply to bid on any auction. Click on the auction you wish to bid and select “Apply to Bid”. You will receive an email with further instructions. Once you have signed the Terms and Conditions and wired in your deposit, you will be approved to bid.
  3. How do I know where I am in the process of being approved to bid on an auction? After you have applied to bid on an auction you can go back to the auction page at any time and see the progress of your application.
  4. When do I need to wire my deposit? We recommend wiring your deposit into Aircraft Bidder prior to the auction starting. If the auction is live we recommend wiring in your deposit to Aircraft Bidder no later than 2 business days prior to the auction ending for domestic auctions and 4 business days prior to the auction ending for international auctions.
  5. Do you take Credit cards? No. All deposits must be wired to Aircraft Bidder.
  6. Is the buyer’s premium added to my bid? Yes, the buyer’s premium is added on top of your bid.
  7. If I am not the winning bidder, how soon do I get my deposit back? For domestic auctions you can expect to receive your deposit back within 7-10 business days after the auction ends if we have your ACH authorization. If you send your ACH authorization after the auction ends you can expect to receive your deposit 7-10 days after your ACH authorization has been received.
  8. What if I am the winning bidder and decide I don’t want the airplane? All bids submitted are legally binding. Be certain you want the airplane prior to bidding.  This includes a review of logbooks and all information available on the auction website.
  9. Which Title and Escrow company do you use?  A licensed and bonded escrow agency handles the balance of funds for the purchase and closing paperwork, including the Bill of Sale and Application for Registration.
  10. Can I go see the airplane prior to bidding?  Yes, we encourage buyers to go look at the airplane prior to bidding and are happy to coordinate showings.
  11. Are pre-purchase inspections allowed?  Mechanical inspections are not permitted but we do encourage visual inspections prior to bidding.
  12. Are these auctions “Absolute” auctions?  Most sellers choose to set a reserve price which is not disclosed.  Once the reserve price is met during bidding, the website will show “Reserve Price Met” for all to see. 
  13. Do you charge sales tax on the purchase at closing?  Sales tax will be charged by the State in which you register the airplane at a later date.
  14. Can I purchase the airplane outside of the auction?  No